nourish your soul, god

In this great period of spiritual evolution many are reconnecting with their higher selves without even knowing it in. We are ascending, brothers and sisters. Unsuspectingly reuniting with the spirits, unbinding our karma, seeing our past lives, releasing pain and ultimately healing from earthly traumas in order to propel our destinies. Indigos, starseeds, crystal children and super psychics everywhere are also coming into full psychic awareness in this same moment that the world seems like its crashing and burning … BUT for a greater purpose; SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION.

            Often times living in such a physical world forces us to forget that we are spiritual beings too. A lot of people neglect their connection to spirit, choosing not to believe in higher powers in an effort to validate the ego.While their belief is valid to them, it doesn’t change their inherent connection to spirit simply by being alive and conscious. Often these same non-believers experience the symptoms of spiritual trauma but don’t recognize them. In the third dimension we call them depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and by many other names. What many people also don’t understand is that our spirits need nourishment and care just as our minds and bodies do but the masses are purposely disconnected from their higher selves. See, we’re plagued by a society created to destroy our souls with the mundane and that is why there exist such jaded (or spiritually poor) individuals. We are not creatures of work, money, material and tyranny. We are free spirits, born to fly and be magical. We’ve been conditioned and  desensitized from our own innate senses. We’re told to follow the government, our teachers, our parents and the police. It’s no wonder we’re all fucked up.

Evolution is evolution. Moving into this period of spiritual ascension essentially means that our individual minds/bodies/souls and collective consciousness are undergoing a massive shift. So ascension isn’t only an internal process, it merges with the political, geographic, social, financial and even planetary climate too. Why? Well because it’s time. Remember when the Mayans predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012 but nothing happened? Well, something actually did happen; the shift started and we entered the age of Aquarius. (read about it here) I know this may be a lot to take in, but there’s actually tons of information on spiritual ascension out there including the information that I plan to put out, so don’t stress yourself trying to rationalize the depths of it all until you’re ready. Plus, understanding that you are a part of this vast and beautiful universe serves as a reminder that YOU ARE A GODDESS/GOD. You are an extension of God, made in her image and likeness. Therefore you have the power to recreate your life experience if you choose to.

         Just be patient with yourself, don’t let fear control you and trust the universe and your inner voice to guide you. We are ALL going through this shift together, always remember that. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to help yourself through these changes that work excellently for me:

  • grounding/earthing: spending time with nature. specifically plant your feet and/or hands on the ground/earth and imagine yourself being one with it, connect to the universe.
  • sun or moon bathing: being that we are celestial bodies, we are more connected to the sun and the moon than we know. 20 minutes of bathing under a full moon or a radiating sun will recharge your energy. if you ask the moon/sun to intentionally cleanse you with its powerful vibration, it will.
  • yoga:  yoga is a hindu practice which uses movement and breath to merge the mind body and soul to attain states of relaxation, pain and stress relief, healing and even enlightenment. (free yoga classes in NYC)
  • meditation/prayer: talk to god (or whomever you believe in) vent your frustrations, cry, laugh, share your brilliant ideas or talk about your passions. I promise you, she listens.
  • do the things you love: if you workout, play sports, create art, love to sing and/or dance, play an instrument, write, organize, act, love to make love etc. DO IT because it helps you relieve stress which heals you.

Again, don’t worry. We gon’ be aight! Just don’t forget to nourish your soul, God.

Stay tuned for my future pieces on the ascension symptoms, meditation, protecting the auric field and chakras, clearing heavy/dark auric field and chakras, crystal healing and creating spiritual rituals! Also if you have any ideas or suggestions that you’re curious about, feel free to contact me on my social media pages or through my contact page!



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