11 ways to raise your vibration

Vibration is life! We as sentient beings are inherently vibratory and emit frequencies that resonate with the energy we are feeling. Positive emotions (like joy, peace and love) are of a higher vibration because they keep us in a consistently positive state of being whereas “negative” emotions (like anger, hate and discord) tend to have a lower vibration which can keep us in a less positive state of being. Not all people are alike, though,  there are many who thrive off negativity so it’s possible to convert the seemingly negative into positive with the right mindset… But I digress. The higher you vibrate, the more easily you are able to maneuver through the day to day. Now, that’s not to say that you won’t encounter situations that may throw you off balance, but the more positive you are and the higher your frequency, the less affected you will be by lower energies because your high vibes will serve as nature’s chaos control, keeping you in alignment. Your vibration also dictates the pace at which you manifest your intentions. That’s right, the higher your frequency the better able the universe is to align you with the magick in the world that can aide you in accomplishing your greatest feats. I kid you not, this is spiritual science!

So in an effort to remain positive, I’m always challenging myself to practice new and improved ways to keep my vibes on point because I’ve witnessed first-hand the power that my energy has, especially when it’s positive. While on this spiritual journey I’ve picked up many varying methods, but I’m going to share MY personal favorites which have given me the best, fastest results. I hope they resonate with you enough to inspire you to check your vibes and find your own personal favorites that will raise them high!

1. Intend to raise your vibration: Congratulations! You are currently raising your vibration simply by reading this right now. In your effort to raise your consciousness, you already are raising your consciousness. See the universe responds to bravery and effort so by reading this and challenging yourself to vibrate higher you are already sending your frequency of transformation out to the universe which is responding to it with every word you read that adds to your wisdom. IT’S LIT!

2. Connect with nature: Have you noticed how the sounds of beach waves have a lullaby-like effect on us? Or how the sound of crickets chirping and birds singing are melodic to our ears? Or maybe how soft rain storms make you feel a sense of inner peace that nothing else can replace? Yea, me too! You’d be surprised how connected you are with nature, but you are. Everything that is alive, made in the image and likeness of our creator, is of one collective consciousness meaning we have the capacity to connect with it if we allow ourselves to. Nature walks, walks along the beach, even admiring the beauty of your plant or pet is enough to remind you of the beauty that is YOU.

3. Prayer: Now before you jump to conclusions, let me just say that religion has falsely led us to believe that prayer has to look a certain way in order to be valid, but that’s further from the truth. We humans are multi-dimensional and very unique. You think God doesn’t understand this and therefore expect prayer to look differently depending on the individual? Duh, it’s fucking God we’re talking about here. Prayer is about intention, it’s a conversation with your personal God (whoever that may be) that is meant to relieve you and give you peace of mind, in turn raising your frequency. So wether you pray in a church, at home, on the subway, while you write/dance/sing/act/make love, don’t let anyone define how you communicate with (your) God.

4. Gratitude: Gratitude is one of the most positive emotions we can feel and it totally puts life into perspective. When you approach life from a big picture mentality, you tend to realize all the little blessings you have that you’ve taken for granted. This is what gratitude does, it reminds you of everything you have and should therefore be thankful for. Wether you say thanks before your meals, let the people you love know they’re valued or sit down and reflect on what you have versus what you want, it will all serve as token of how abundant your life is which is certain to raise your vibration!

5. Sex: There are so many benefits to having sex both physically and mentally but when you have sex with someone who is spiritually aligned with you, who respects your perspectives, cares for you and treats you with love and kindness it becomes more than just a carnal experience, it becomes a mutual exchange of positive vibes. Yup, sex is so much more multifaceted than we’ve been socialized to believe but there’s potential for pure magick when you lay with someone you see as your equal. Look up tantric sex, see for yourself.

6. Check your ego: Knowing yourself means being able to differentiate between your ego and your conscious mind. When you keep your ego in check, you’re better able to raise your frequency because you stop operating from a place of fear, phoniness, jealousy and/or anger (which the ego facilitates). Taking control of your actions and being honest with yourself about where you may have fucked up is always a step in the right direction and can be a start to recognizing actions dictated by the ego.

7. Don’t be afraid to learn from others: Sometimes the ego and pride lead us to believe that nothing others have to offer is superior to what we know, but this is lies. We are all here for a reason, nobody you meet in your life is there coincidentally so don’t be afraid to learn from other people’s wisdom, mistakes and lessons. We are collective consciousness after all, meaning we’re here to help one another grow by any means necessary. So know when to listen and when to speak, I promise you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

8. Tune off the damn TV: I mean come on, this one is type self-explanatory, it’s called television (tell-lie-vision) for a reason. The media is controlled by 6 mega-corps who have nothing but ill-intentions for the masses they target with their propaganda. I’m not saying the media can’t be a force of good, I’m simply saying there’s so much subliminal messages we aren’t conscious of that have done us more damage than good that it isn’t worth the risk. The news is sensationalized, pop culture TV is straight garbage and frankly watching television disappoints me more than enriches me, so I cut my ties with cable TV for good because I’ve realized that it lowers my vibrations too much!

9. Do what you love: So often in this capitalist society we are plagued by the meaningless; school, work, bills and media which make it hard for us to make time for our hobbies and do what moves us, what fills our hearts with joy and passion. So wether you write, paint, model, sing, dance, advocate, design or exercise make sure you make time do it. If you have the energy to give to these fucking institutions, you better be ready and willing to give the same energy for yourself and your dreams!

10. Spend time alone: This isn’t for everyone, a lot of people need to feel the energy of others to find peace but I am not one of use souls. I find peace when I’m free to do me and time alone allows me to be as weird, crazy, silly, emotional, excited as I please and that makes me so happy. So if you’re a lone wolf like me, don’t allow yourself to be forced into being social if it doesn’t call to you. It’s ok to say no, it’s ok to prefer your own company over that of others, it’s ok to want to lay in bed all day enjoying the ambiance of your own energy.

11. Balance your chakras: As energetic beings we have 7 main centers in our spirit body that control the way we live in ways we’ve been disconnected from because those “in power” don’t want us to have body, mind and spirit alignment… It’s just too powerful! So, read my chakras 101 guide to learn more about each chakra and how it affects your energetic output!


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