a full moon ritual

The moon, our celestial matriarch, is a powerful conduit in our lives with an undeniable influence over our energy both collectively and individually. She represents the feminine, creative, communicative and emotional aspects of ourselves. As she transitions, going from waxing to waning until growing full, we may similarly find ourselves growing full of emotions, desires and hopes that need to be released and transmuted into manifesting energy that will bring about change. The full moon provides an energetically pristine time to let go of what no longer serves you, in turn freeing space for what you aim to invite into your experience. Full moon rituals aren’t typically meant to be one-time actions but rather the maintenance of a longterm, continuous relationship where you and the moon reciprocate gratitude and manifesting energy with one another. It’s also important to understand that we all have unique ways of being in tune with full moon energy, so don’t assume anyone else’s ritual is more or less powerful than your own.

I’ve used a variety of ways to ritualize and while I love performing my traditional releasing ritual, being open to trying different methods has fused moon magick with my lifestyle and in turn made the process easier and more fun for me! For example sometimes I like to de-clutter and donate what I no longer need, change up my workout routines (implementing more yoga and meditation), have sex and use the power of orgasm to manifest and I’ve even released by going out dancing with my friends. It really doesn’t make a difference, all that matters is that you set a tradition where you (under the moon’s divine, loving guidance) intend to let go and move forward. Remember, intention is major key! With that said, I hope you enjoy this full moon ritual and that it inspire you to create one that honors YOU.

You Will Need: Pen, Paper, POWERFUL INTENTION

Optional: Candle, Oils, Incense (Jasmine dry herb or oil is excellent for moon magick)

  1. Ground yourself! Envision yourself being rooted into the earth, sharing its powerful energy that will ground and center you. Focus on the intention of release and renewal. If you need help grounding yourself, read this guide.
  2. Clear your space! After grounding yourself know that you are protected. Surround yourself with powerful light or the dark matter of the universe (depending what you’re into). This is also where your incense, oils and candles will come into play so dress your candle, light your incense and do you. The point is to ensure your space is filled only with powerful, positive energy no matter what you do or don’t use.
  3. Invoke spirit and give gratitude! To me this is one of the most important aspects of any ritual I do. When you invoke spirits, saints, ancestors, angels, gods/goddesses you inevitably strengthen the power and magick behind your ritual. Some of my favorites, especially for moon magick, are Ix-Chel the Mayan moon goddess, Isis the Egyptian goddess of magick and protection and Yemaya the Yoruba goddess of the oceans. Also know that gratitude is pivotal when invoking spirit because your appreciation of their work adds favor to you and your intentions! Never forget to say thank you.
  4. Write them out! Now you will sit down comfortably, grab your pen and paper and list what you will release, the more detail the better. Wording is important, you want to talk as if what you wish to release has already left your life. Writing from a future tense may help you feel closer to release. Example: I release the bad habits that keep me stagnant. I choose to stop smoking irresponsibly, continue friendships that weaken me, being lazy/unbothered and eating unhealthily.
  5. Burn and Visualize! At this point you can burn the paper with the list and as it burns visualize the success of your ritual by seeing the negativity and weight of your issues leaving you. Pay attention to how the paper burns because that can give you some insight. If it burns fast and steady, it’s likely that everything will go well and you will manifest that which you seek to. If it burns slowly and/or gives you a hard time to burn, it’s possible there’s some subconscious resistance that you may need to revisit come the next new and/or full moons.
  6. Mark the ritual’s ending! You can now blow out your candle (if you’re using one), visualize yourself walking out of a door, drink a cup of tea, relax with a hot bath, do some yoga or just simply know you’re done and be done!

So there you have it, a full moon ritual just in time for this upcoming full moon. Remember, if something about it doesn’t suit your needs or resonate with you, feel free to use this as a guide to creating one that rocks to the beat of your own drum. Remember you are your own guru, so let your intuition be your guide and have fun with it.

Good luck and happy manifesting!

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