Thank you for investing in my journey. It has taken me quite a while to get to this point, where I sought the courage necessary to fight for my dream and turn it into my reality.
… Too often, especially in a city like ours, I’ve noticed how much we try to ignore those around us, so plagued by our singular existence that we forgo acknowledging the fact that the beauty of LIFE constantly surrounds us. Although the masses refuse to realize it, we are on the verge of a planetary shift in consciousness; therefore the time is NOW to plant the seeds of change. Know that simply by choosing to align yourself with this aspiration, you are aligning with something greater than yourself and therefore aligning with your highest self, your personal goddess/god. AfroLatina Divina is a catalyst for the revolution. It is so much more than just a brand name, it’s a representation of the inception of a movement, part of a universal vision for a brighter future; one where my personal intent, vision and skill set will help humanity, as a whole, foster a deeper understanding, appreciation and love for the multi-faceted and multi-dimensional nature of simply being alive.
So you ready to change the world?
NOTE: If seeking credit for any of the images used on this blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know! Thank You.

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