trump: an analysis

           Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, is truly going to make America great again... AND HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW IT! In contemplating the results of the presidential election from a place of spirit, I've found a sense of peace with it all. Maybe America needed this Trump … Continue reading trump: an analysis

what (my) Darkness taught me about (my) Light

      Oh man has the struggle been real these last few months or what? HELL YES IT HAS! Living check to check in fear that I wouldn't be able to sustain myself, exhausted at the judgement from unknowing souls who assumed I just needed to "try harder," even going hungry because health consciousness … Continue reading what (my) Darkness taught me about (my) Light

feminism failed me: a womanist manifesto

I remember sitting across from my college advisor, eager to tell him the new major I'd chosen to specialize in. "Women's studies," I said with the enthusiasm of a child in a toy store. I was so excited to finally learn about my womanly identity after being a Criminal Justice major, bored with the overly … Continue reading feminism failed me: a womanist manifesto

how amerikkka profits from collective Black fear

            People of color are being killed everyday. The statistics will tell you they're being killed by "natural causes" such as heart attack, diabetes and stroke, although these circumstances are often caused by the lack of access to healthy foods which people in urban neighborhoods often deal with for generations … Continue reading how amerikkka profits from collective Black fear

on “giving it up”

            You ever notice that when we talk about a woman having sex, we often refer to the act as her "giving it up?" I can't begin to tell you all the times I've been told to be careful "who I give it up to" or to be wary before … Continue reading on “giving it up”