Messages from HER

My Dearest Christy,          WOW, look at you! You are so creative, so intelligent, so observant, so beautiful in and out, so full of life, character and IMMENSE dreams! In your honor and in gratitude for having preserved as far as you have, I give you the gift of SELF-LOVE, once and [...]

birth control (system) pt1

Birth control is defined as the intentional practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies typically by use of contraception. The history of birth control is tough but beautiful and diverse. Thousands of methods, ranging from inserting crocodile dung into the vagina to tying raccoon testicles to the body, have been created and implemented by women from as [...]

on searching for ‘the one’

Ever since I was a kid, I've fantasized about what it would be like to meet my prince charming, my knight in shining armor. Shit, sometimes I still do. I wonder how it'll feel when our bodies touch for the first time or how it'll sound when he first tells me he loves me. At [...]

when you love hard

If you were ever to ask someone who really knew me how they'd describe me, it's likely that the word 'passionate' would, at some point, come up in that conversation. When I'm passionate about something or someone, it's quite clear. You hear it in the power of my voice when I speak, you can feel [...]