a soul divided

I feel like I'm always doing the most. Trying to be the perfect role model, the ideal dating material, the politically correct writer, the consistent mentee, the most badass revolutionary, the considerate sister and the greatest friend. I'm fucking exhausted. I feel like I don't even know who I am sometimes because I'm so goddamn … Continue reading a soul divided

OITNB got Dominicans ALL F*CKED UP

            So let me start off by saying that I truly appreciate Orange is the New Black. I love the cutting-edge narratives and their intersectional approach, the unfolding of the prison industrial complex and its atrocities and, of course, the tremendously talented actresses who make up the cast of this … Continue reading OITNB got Dominicans ALL F*CKED UP

birth control (system) pt1

Birth control is defined as the intentional practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies typically by use of contraception. The history of birth control is tough but beautiful and diverse. Thousands of methods, ranging from inserting crocodile dung into the vagina to tying raccoon testicles to the body, have been created and implemented by women from as … Continue reading birth control (system) pt1

feminism failed me: a womanist manifesto

I remember sitting across from my college advisor, eager to tell him the new major I'd chosen to specialize in. "Women's studies," I said with the enthusiasm of a child in a toy store. I was so excited to finally learn about my womanly identity after being a Criminal Justice major, bored with the overly … Continue reading feminism failed me: a womanist manifesto

wtf is good hair?

       From as early as I can remember, society has been arguing about the varying levels of hair politics. From discussing if perming is cultural appropriation to challenging the notion that women can't rock a light caesar, hair has always stirred up controversy especially among communities of color. One of my favorites of all … Continue reading wtf is good hair?

chakras 101

         The chakras are energy centers that individually control our collective body, mind and soul's health and wellness. Blocked chakras in our spiritual body usually lead to aches, pains, disease, mental health issues and even terminal illnesses in our physical and/or emotional body. Also, in the same way the chakras can be … Continue reading chakras 101