a full moon ritual

The moon, our celestial matriarch, is a powerful conduit in our lives with an undeniable influence over our energy both collectively and individually. She represents the feminine, creative, communicative and emotional aspects of ourselves. As she transitions, going from waxing to waning until growing full, we may similarly find ourselves growing full of emotions, desires … Continue reading a full moon ritual


... I am not meant to be a slave. I am not meant to be anyone's subordinate. I am not meant to take orders from anyone whose as enslaved as I. I am not meant to respect hierarchies, ignoring the fallacies of those "in power." I am not meant to be satisfied with earning a … Continue reading unshackled

OITNB got Dominicans ALL F*CKED UP

            So let me start off by saying that I truly appreciate Orange is the New Black. I love the cutting-edge narratives and their intersectional approach, the unfolding of the prison industrial complex and its atrocities and, of course, the tremendously talented actresses who make up the cast of this … Continue reading OITNB got Dominicans ALL F*CKED UP

feminism failed me: a womanist manifesto

I remember sitting across from my college advisor, eager to tell him the new major I'd chosen to specialize in. "Women's studies," I said with the enthusiasm of a child in a toy store. I was so excited to finally learn about my womanly identity after being a Criminal Justice major, bored with the overly … Continue reading feminism failed me: a womanist manifesto

my hair is my halo

I'd been relaxing my hair for over 10 years, when on my 20th birthday I decided I wasn't going to do it anymore. I was tired of the smelly chemicals, scabs on my head from perm burns (yes this is a thing), the long and obnoxious process and most importantly I was dying to know what … Continue reading my hair is my halo

on “giving it up”

            You ever notice that when we talk about a woman having sex, we often refer to the act as her "giving it up?" I can't begin to tell you all the times I've been told to be careful "who I give it up to" or to be wary before … Continue reading on “giving it up”